Why Do You Need an E-Currency Exchanger Like Centregold

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Published: 27th January 2011
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This is a corporation based in Canada, operating in the Digital Currency retail, since September 2007.

As a well-established and reliable e-currency exchange provider, it specializes in offering e-currency exchange services across the world, through easy and secure processes.

Here we give you the opportunity to buy, sell or exchange digital value units such as : Liberty Reserve, WebMoney, Pecunix, GDP, EuroGoldCash and C-gold; as well as a special Payoneer debit card to withdraw these funds.

All of that can be done online at any time, with the security and ease of mind that we offer you.

If you want to buy some digital value units, you can use a wire transfer or a card, as a method of payment.

* Card acceptance for everyone :

- Both debit and credit cards are accepted here, as long as they are compatible with Mastercard or Visa or American Express. The same for charge and gift cards, we accept all of them.

- We accept payment through Solid Trust Pay too, the least expensive option for Visa and MC cards.

- Though a bit slower than cards, bank wires are good for larger amounts and various currencies, as we accept incoming wire transfers in all major world currencies.

Our website http://centregold.ca is not only secure but also easy to browse, with some video tutorials showing you how to place orders and how to take care of your account, for a fast and hassle-free transaction.

In case you need to sell your units, all you need to do is send it to us, and we in turn transfer the value directly to your bank account, Amex credit card or to fund the flexible Payoneer debit card that we supply; which doesn't necessitate a bank account and can be used on online purchases and ATMs worldwide.

* Why do you need an exchanger :

Several e-currency issuers, such as LR and GDP, do not provide a service to sell their units; so it is a must to use an exchanger, also called market maker.

That's to avoid debt or contingent liabilities associated with the business, making it absolutely free of any financial risk.

E-currency exchangers exchange fiat currency for electronic money, and convert one type of digital currency into another, such as Webmoney to LR.

And Centregold is among the best for that job : secure, fast, reliable and trustworthy.

Also, as a GDCA gold member (excellent reputation and long-term member with proven record of good faith and reliability), we let our clients to purchase e-currencies by credit card, and therefore receive consumer protection from their credit card company.

We're more than happy to receive you among us :

Our email address : support@centregold.ca

Our postal address: 4915 Bathurst St. Unit # 209

Toronto, Ont. M2R 1X9 Canada

Our websites:

1. main exchange site : http://centregold.ca

2. for webmoney only : http://cg2wm.com

3. automated exchanger : http://unitmover.com

4. our informative blog : http://centregold.info

The author:

Melchi Razato is a drupal web designer and writer participating in the environment protection in Madagascar www.gascar.me and in Salema charity project : www.charityonlineshopping.com ; contact : razato@gascar.me

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